Richard Prather
Placitas, New Mexico

Richard specializes in Western landscapes that straddle the line between impressionism and realism. His finely articulated scenes of the American Southwest are often painted en plein air (outside) to capture the essence of the rugged yet peaceful terrain. Richard is a biologist by vocation, and spent 30 years working for the Environmental Protection Agency. His career led him to Texas and Louisiana where he sought out local Western artists to teach him in the evenings. He eventually began to study plein air painting with top American painters, and he was able to develop his technique to its full potential. Richard now spends his time camping or traveling to areas of natural interest so he can paint or source photographs to take back to his home art studio in New Mexico.

Distant Rain
12" x 18" , oil painting

Take Me to the River
20" x 30" , oil painting

Arroyos and Green Chiles
20" x 24" , oil painting

New Mexico Sunset
12" x 18" , oil painting

Textures or Time
24" x 18" , oil painting

Above the Rio Chama
20" x 25.5" , oil painting

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