Ray DeBaun
Mitchell, Oregon

The abstract creations of Ray DeBaun exist at the intersection of fine art, draftsmanship, and carpentry. He starts each image by creating a digital doodle on his smartphone, and then brings it to life with analog methods. The artist enjoys using traditional tools including compasses, T-squares, and triangles to craft geometric abstractions with impressive consideration of depth and form. Each panel, built from wood, takes the shape of the geometric composition, so no two paintings are alike. The work is at once dimensional and flat, creating a delightful contradiction for the eye. Based in central Oregon, Ray is inspired by the likes of Frank Stella and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Architectural Abstraction #11
44" x 45" , acrylic painting

Architectural Abstraction #10
47" x 48" , acrylic painting

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Architectural Abstract #7
22.5" x 37" , acrylic painting

Architectural Abstraction #12
47" x 45" , acrylic painting

Architectual Abstraction #5
49" x 65" , acrylic painting

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