Patricia Fabian
Gainesville, Georgia

Patricia’s soft and painterly scenes are a result of the artist’s careful selection of materials. Her layers of paint, whether in oil or acrylic, are thoughtfully premeditated depending on the effect she seeks to create. Patricia is also highly conscious of the tools she uses, averaging forty brushes per painting, in addition to using paper towels and found materials to manipulate the paint. Her subject matter is a reflection of the world around her. “I create what moves me on any given day,” says Patricia. “It is a joint process between me and the universe. I let the world around me speak through my canvas.”

Out West
40" x 30" , acrylic painting

Hot Sand
48" x 48" , oil painting

Sun Daze
24" x 30" , acrylic painting

Sunlit Cove
48" x 36" , acrylic painting

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Oz's View
40" x 30" , acrylic painting

60" x 48" , acrylic painting

Nature's Sculpture
60" x 48" , oil painting

Amber Waves
36" x 38" , acrylic painting

Sea Breeze
36" x 36" , acrylic painting

Fly Away
48" x 36" , oil painting

Floating Above
40" x 30" , acrylic painting

City Sidewalks
48" x 48" , acrylic painting

Misty Moon
48" x 48" , oil painting

Montaluce Morning
24" x 20" , oil painting

High Noon Hot
36" x 48" , acrylic painting

A View from the Pier
48" x 48" , oil painting

Mediterranean Mosaic
36" x 36" , oil painting

Monday Morning
60" x 48" , acrylic painting

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Patricia Fabian 1/26/2019 | 12:03 PM

This BLOG is the story behind the painting, "The Clearing" The cycle of life comes in many forms. Sometimes it’s a storm, other times a clearing. All things pass. For me, I now see that letting the passing take place, brings the clearing. I see that filling the void , actively participating in life, repairs the soul. This painting was drawn out of my imagination of the thousands of storms I’d watch pass at sea and be followed by a brilliant clearing. It was a “resolve”, an “ah ha” moment, or “peace at last”. At that moment nature pauses and marvels at the clarity that light brings. A moment that demands you see the “reflection” ! Where there was darkness with disjoint parts, now there is clarity in the confusion and the puzzle pieces fit naturally as if stepping stones to joy. So, therefore I say to you that while we go through the storms we need to keep in mind the glory of The Clearing. We can’t see it, feel it or even think it but one day the sun shines brilliant and we are caught by it’s majesty that we can see and feel again. I can only say that when we suffer intense pain, try to….. 1. Fill the void of the day with lively activity if we can. At least take a walk. 2. Pray, meditate, do yoga and find our spiritual soul and allow it to rip. 3. Lean on the people you love to carry you through it. If you have pets, you have a bonus. My mother would say that life is all a cycle and it moves and is never constant. Celebrate where you are, knowing that if the times are good you are enjoying them and if the times are bad, they too will pass.

Patricia Fabian 9/11/2017 | 1:53 PM

Each painting is a journey. I never assume to have the answers before I start but rather wait for the suggestion that comes in the process of painting the work. I find more with less and I find peace with stepping outside of the box and listening to what comes next. I am a firm believer that the artist only starts the conversation, the viewer completes it. I love to convo with viewers about what you see in the artwork. Recently I had a painting on U Gallery that sold and you can refer to in my SOLD category because the collector saw "a man" in the reflections that looked like Charlie Chaplin, who she adores. It was a rain abstract scene titled "Monday Morning". I painted the rain but she saw the face behind the "rainy day". Can you see it? I believe that each painting finds it's home and the owner and painting will connect in their own time and place. I also believe "on the beach of life" that the perfect shell FINDS YOU. Take a look at my work and let me know what you see. I work alone in the studio (although I believe the universe is always riding shotgun), and I love to communicate with "the outside world." Let's get started and have some fun with "what's in that painting anyway?" :)