Oliver Pyle
Cuckfield, United Kingdom

Oliver creates idyllic watercolor landscapes from his home studio in Sussex, England. “Watercolor is the perfect medium for capturing the vicissitudes of the British climate and allows me to make a spontaneous response to the delicate northern light that is with us for much of the year,” he says. He believes that above all, observation is key to his development as an artist. Oliver derives the most inspiration from being outdoors, in the field, observing his surroundings.
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Colours of Tuscany
11.5" x 15.25" , watercolor painting

Sun, Snow, Sussex
11.25" x 15.75" , watercolor painting

Evening Approaches, River Dart
13.5" x 20.1" , watercolor painting

At Rest, Mevagissey
13.5" x 20.5" , watercolor painting

Evening Moorings
28.25" x 19.75" , watercolor painting

In the Bluebell Wood
14.25" x 11.25" , watercolor painting

Speak with Oliver

Oliver Pyle 10/29/2018 | 1:54 PM

I'm delighted that you're happy with the painting - and thank you for making the purchase. Living in the county of Sussex, UK, I am surrounded by ancient woodland and many of these are at their most enchanting in May when the bluebells come into flower for a few weeks. I can think of nowhere better for a springtime walk, the woodland floor becomes a riot of soft blues and delicate purples, and a beautiful sweet scent that hangs in the air. It is not difficult to find inspiration, and I painted this after coming back from a walk one afternoon, and allowed the experience to hopefully flow through the brush, and recreate the atmosphere for others to enjoy. It's yours now, and I hope it continues to give you much enjoyment over the coming years. Best regards and thanks again, Oliver

commentsIn the Bluebell Wood
N Berkman purchased this artwork. 10/29/2018 | 1:39 PM

I actually gasped out loud when I opened the package and saw this painting in-person for the first time. It is truly lovely. My husband and I bought it to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I can't believe our luck that we will get to enjoy it every day in our home. Thank you!