Nicholas Coley
Mill Valley, California

Twenty years ago, Nicholas Coley found himself studying at a small school in the south of France learning the fundamentals of plein air painting. Now, living in the urban San Francisco Bay Area, he continues to utilize the same technique of painting outside, though his current environment is somewhat different than the idyllic hills of Aix-en-Provence. Nicholas often incorporates city elements such as vehicles and asphalt roads into his landscapes. “I experiment with less conventional dynamics to arrange the urban and natural environments,” says Nicholas. “If you love nature enough, you will see it even here, in our urban world.”
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Under the Watchful Eye of the Great Horned Owl #2
48" x 36" , oil painting

In the Shadow of the Marina Workout Station
48" x 60" , oil painting

Sunrise on the Presidio Banks
48" x 72" , oil painting

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