Natalia Lvova
Palo Alto, California

Natalia Lvova is a Russian artist living in California. She loves order, and she finds it in making art. Her style, which she calls “twiddle art,” is denoted by tight, swirling brushstrokes that together create colorful shapes. Natalia uses brushes that are hard and flat to achieve this precision. Each brushstroke is placed carefully next to the last, and Natalia is careful not to create any overlap. The result is colorful, contemporary compositions that will delight any viewer who appreciates the exactitude of fine detail.

Sting and Trudie Styler
36" x 36" , oil painting

Henry and Clara Ford
48" x 48" , oil painting

King Harald V and Queen Sonja
27" x 48" , oil painting

Peter and Fevronia of Murom
48" x 27" , oil painting

Will and Jada Smith
27" x 48" , oil painting

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