Nata Zaikina
Prague, Czech Republic

Czech artist Nata Zaikina’s paintings are inspired by her 1970s childhood. As she walks the streets in Prague, she is inspired by anything that triggers a memory of her youth--an old movie, a song on the radio, or a conversation overheard on the street. Her paintings of children’s games emit warmth and joy. The viewer can’t help but smile and reminisce upon their own days as an exuberant child. Nata is especially interested in capturing her figures in movement, particularly while jumping. “I try to show the hidden dynamics inside the static figure,” she says. The artist works from an attic studio in Prague, where she looks out over the red tiled roofs of the city while she paints.

Sunny Shadows
32" x 47" , oil painting

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Ink Spots
32" x 47" , oil painting

Remembering April
24" x 34" , oil painting

School's Out!
40" x 40" , oil painting

Ink Spots (Hula Hoop)
30" x 59" , oil painting

32" x 47" , oil painting

Summer 78
32" x 47" , oil painting

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