Maxime Cousineau-Pérusse
Montreal, Canada

Maxime Cousineau-Perusse is working towards his graduate degree in Psychology at McGill University in Montreal. A self taught artist, he has been drawing and painting for as long as he can remember. His work often grows out of a particular feeling or emotion, which he then captures through his expressionist figurative paintings. He focuses on the parts of our bodies that express who we are, such as our lips, eyes and body language, exaggerating these features with informal composition and dramatic color. His work is closely related to his study of psychology, both in that it provides him with a therapeutic process, and it allows him to translate his research of the human psyche into visual form.

Let's Start a War (Silence)
24" x 30" , oil painting

Afterglow II
30" x 36" , oil painting

40" x 30" , oil painting

36" x 36" , oil painting

40" x 40" , oil painting

In Plain Sight
24" x 30" , oil painting

24" x 24" , acrylic painting

30" x 36" , oil painting

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