Mariya Milovidova
San Jose, California

Mariya is a mixed-media painter whose aesthetic is strongly tied to her love of fashion. Her paintings embody a fantastical yet romantic magic, conveyed through the fluid, winding lines of her decadently-dressed figures. Mariya is also influenced by her passion for travel, incorporating iconic symbols of world class cities into her scenes. She doesn’t work from sketches, but instead expresses her ideas directly onto paper and canvas when inspiration strikes. Upon completing a painting, Mariya takes the additional creative step of adapting the painting into a dress design. Her studio is full of mannequins wearing dresses based on her paintings. “Wearable art,” as Mariya calls it, is her ultimate form of self expression.

Odessa Tree
30" x 22" , watercolor painting

Lovers in Europe
11" x 8.5" , mixed media artwork

15" x 22" , watercolor painting

28" x 22" , mixed media artwork

30" x 40" , mixed media artwork

New York Cosmo
28" x 22" , mixed media artwork

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