Malia Pettit
Pasadena, California

Malia Pettit sees her artistic process as an act of “liberating the paint” and “allowing for the unexpected to occur.” Her portraits of women stem from a fascination with glossy magazines and their portrayal of models, actors and celebrities. Her work has been especially influenced by Chantal Joffe and John Singer Sargent. She currently lives in California after having lived in England for ten years. When she’s not painting, she is a full-time mom and enjoys exploring estate sales, antique stores and used bookstores.

Waiting in the Cafe
22" x 28" , oil painting

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After the Show
20" x 20" , oil painting

Rushing to Now
24" x 20" , oil painting

Girl and Dog on the L Train
30" x 24" , oil painting

The Artist in Her Studio, Circa 1939
49" x 49" , oil painting

Commission for Gabi
12" x 12" , oil painting

Untitled (Pre-Raphaelite)
12" x 12" , oil painting

Two Donuts with White Frosting
10" x 10" , oil painting

Two Donuts on Yellow Cloth
10" x 10" , oil painting

Chocolate Donut in Grey
8" x 8" , oil painting

12" x 12" , oil painting

An Ode to the Marvel
28" x 22" , oil painting

Remembering Frieda
30" x 30" , oil painting

Jeanette, Freshman Year
30" x 24" , oil painting

Penny Chasing
24" x 24" , oil painting

In the Taxi
24" x 24" , oil painting

Lady Bridget in the Orangery
40" x 34" , oil painting

Cookhouse Hands
32" x 39.5" , oil painting

Film Noir II
12" x 9" , ink artwork

Untitled Ink 83
11" x 8.25" , ink artwork

Untitled Ink 82
11" x 8.25" , ink artwork

16" x 12" , oil painting

Victorious V.
39.5" x 31.5" , oil painting

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commentsCommission for Gabi
G Tschoepe purchased this artwork. 10/31/2015 | 3:05 AM

Malia's artwork is beautifully expressive. I have bought two portrait paintings from her and they look stunning together; I love them. The bold strokes and colours are perfect in every setting.

Malia Pettit 9/2/2014 | 8:40 PM

Hi there! Thanks so much for your note and for supporting my work, I really appreciate it! I'm so happy that you are enjoying "Remembering Frieda". It really is a special piece, which I hope looks great on your wall. Thank you again and have a wonderful day!! Malia.

A Barber 8/22/2014 | 9:54 PM

I had my eye on "Remembering Frieda" for a while and was so pleased to find the piece is exactly as pictured and even more striking in person. Thanks!

Malia Pettit 7/22/2013 | 1:26 PM

I'm so pleased that you are enjoying Lucky. Thank you so much for supporting my artwork and for the positive feedback! I really appreciate it!!

J Griffin purchased this artwork. 7/20/2013 | 11:21 AM

Lucky is beautiful, really great colors and textures. Although my bf thinks it is "looking at him." lol. Really love it, thank you!

R Ghosh 6/23/2013 | 10:58 AM

deep sence is prevailed in al the paintings.the style is different as well.

commentsFilm Noir II
B Bauck purchased this artwork. 6/4/2013 | 10:37 PM

Awesome! Can't wait to frame this piece.

commentsVictorious V.
J Ladner purchased this artwork. 5/1/2013 | 11:47 PM

I bought this work just before my husband attempted to buy it for me as an anniversary gift. Some might consider it the gift of the Magi, but ultimately we knew we couldn't live without Victoria.