J. Michael Kennedy
Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

Michael Kennedy is an oil painter based in South Carolina who captures the grandeur of sunsets in his lowcountry landscapes in an impressionistic style. His passion for painting stems from a life-long fascination with drawing and color. After receiving a BFA in Graphic Design, he worked in advertising for 14 years as a designer and later Art Director and continued to study painting. He begins his landscapes by preparing his canvas with a thin wash of yellow ocher. Then, he sketches a rough layout, brushes on thick layers of paint, finishing with the sky. Rather than capture a specific place, his paintings are meant to capture moods from solitude and peace, to wonder and surprise.

Long Day's Journey
12" x 36" , oil painting

Peachy Haze
18" x 18" , oil painting

Remains of the Day
26" x 26" , oil painting

Here Comes the Sun
16" x 16" , oil painting

A Simple World
16" x 16" , oil painting

Carolina on My Mind
12" x 24" , oil painting

Autumn Serenade
24" x 30" , oil painting

Lunar Landscape
20" x 20" , oil painting

Time and Tide
30" x 30" , oil painting

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Curtain Call
20" x 16" , oil painting

Distant Shower
24" x 36" , oil painting

10" x 10" , oil painting

Enjoy the Silence
30" x 30" , oil painting

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J. Michael Kennedy 12/19/2018 | 2:59 PM

I'm still happily surprised my work has been accepted by Ugallery. I'll be painting all new work over the next few months solely to post here. I often feel a sense of wonder that this is my job. I'm hoping the joy I get from creating these paintings translates to the canvas. Painting means always learning and that's one thing that keeps me inspired, along with the wonderful area I live in and the climate that is pleasant here year-round. I just added a new piece that you will see soon and I'm now back to the easel...