Lorraine Filippone
Gold Beach, Oregon

Lorraine Filippone’s figurative paintings capture the essence of each one of her subjects. An extremely prolific painter, she has developed her style and understanding of the human form throughout her career. She manages to capture an introspective depth while maintaining a style that emphasizes simplified forms. Her work has a certain playfulness in its style. While Lorraine’s paintings range with varying degrees of abstraction, each figure’s sense of personality and pride unifies her portfolio. Her paintings have a classic timelessness and yet a remarkably contemporary quality.

#327FS Mother & Child
24" x 22" , acrylic painting

#290FS Evan Can Wait
16" x 14" , mixed media artwork

#303FS Baily
16" x 18" , mixed media artwork

#319FS Tat/Tank
20" x 22" , mixed media artwork

#323FS Jen
20" x 22" , mixed media artwork

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