Lisa Bick
Santa Fe, New Mexico

Lisa Bick is a Santa Fe-based artist who creates abstract encaustic and wax-based paintings that express the intricacies of a lifetime. She views her work with wax as a metaphor for life; the layers symbolize a person’s life experiences and the blowtorch, used to fuse the layers together, symbolizes loss, desire and longing. Her work, like life, is complex and comprises seemingly incompatible opposites such as order and disorder and the rare and the ordinary. Lisa’s overarching goal with her work is to connect the individual spirit with the larger world.

When Meteors Fall on Silence
36" x 48" , encaustic artwork

Stone Cold Silence
20" x 20" , encaustic artwork

Where in the World Do I Go from Here?
18" x 18" , mixed media artwork

You Undermine the Horizon
36" x 36" , encaustic artwork

The Forgotten Grotto
20" x 20" , mixed media artwork

The Wind Passes Singing
24" x 24" , encaustic artwork

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