Linda Klein
San Anselmo, California

Linda Klein is an eco-conscious mixed media artist from California. She applies her passion for the environment to her work. “Many of my collaged tree pieces are created with bits of litter that I clean up off of scenic highways,” Linda says. “Each painting contributes to cleaning up our planet and turns ‘trash into trees.’” By repurposing litter as collage material, Linda dutifully reminds her viewers that recycling is key to a thriving future. The artist lives in Marin County, where she feels grateful to have inherited her mother-in-law’s large art studio that is always filled with light.

Kahn's Copse
36" x 36" , mixed media artwork

Let Go
48" x 36" , mixed media artwork

40" x 61" , mixed media artwork

Golden Umbra
40" x 30" , mixed media artwork

Stand Still
40" x 35" , mixed media artwork

Peace and Violet
18" x 37.5" , mixed media artwork

Slumbering Heroes
20" x 24" , mixed media artwork

Endangered Confetti ll
24" x 50" , mixed media artwork

Well Being
40" x 45" , mixed media artwork

Sticks and Stones
20" x 24" , mixed media artwork

Finite Gestures
14" x 30" , mixed media artwork

Getting into the Vortex
30" x 40" , mixed media artwork

Discarded Mercy
34" x 50" , mixed media artwork

45" x 37" , mixed media artwork

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Linda Klein 12/29/2017 | 9:07 PM

Hi M Kotadia, Thank you for the compliments to my work. Much appreciated. I have 4 or 5 pieces exhibiting through Thursday January 4th at the Bay Area Metro Center in SF- It's a beautiful building, if you have never been. UGallery has several Artists, including myself, displayed in the main lobby right now. It all comes down on the 5th, so I hope you can squeeze in a visit before then. Enjoy! Thank you again & Happy New Year! Linda Klein

commentsThis Buffer in Time
M Kotadia 12/29/2017 | 3:11 PM

Would love to see your art work. Where is it displayed in San Francisco?