Kenneth Cooke
Hudson, New York

Kenneth has always had an interest in photography. In his professional role as a graphic designer, he has worked closely with many photographers and learned through watching their techniques. Kenneth began shooting through trial and error. He now uses photography as a method by which to explore subjects that interest him. “I travel extensively–to experience different cultures, iconic locales, and to capture images we may never see again,” he says. The consideration and planning behind each photograph is significant, and unlike some digital photographers, he takes very few frames. Each image is thoughtfully composed and presented as a window to another world.

Sea Nettle Series No. 2
photography , starting at $170

Sea Nettle Series No. 12014
photography , starting at $170

Moon Jelly Series No.3
photography , starting at $160

Moon Jelly Seres No.2
photography , starting at $170

Moon Jelly Series No. 1
photography , starting at $170

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