Kathleen Giles
Gasport, New York

Kathleen Giles is a self-taught watercolorist who captures figures employing a realist style that sets a high standard for a traditionally tricky medium. She has been painting professionally for over 20 years, and credits her mastery of watercolor to understanding the properties of the paints. Kathleen says she never uses black paint, and she applies underpaintings of yellow and pink for warmth. “I use a lot of yellow in my work because it adds a beautiful glow,” she says. The luminosity Kathleen creates brings each subject to life. When she’s not working on her own artworks, she also teaches workshops across the United States and co-hosts a weekly cable television show called “Watercolors with Jody and Kathy.”

He Will Love This
39" x 25.5" , watercolor painting

Chocolate Martini
22" x 27.5" , watercolor painting

Angel in the Ivy
20" x 25" , watercolor painting

More Wine Ladies?
21.5" x 15" , watercolor painting

Ears But They Couldn't Hear
30" x 22" , watercolor painting

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