Katherine Taylor
Bend, Oregon

Katherine draws upon multiple art historical traditions to create her vibrant oil paintings. She began her artistic training in the Old Masters style, but eventually began to integrate Baroque Realism, Classical Naturalism, and Russian Impressionism influences into her work. Katherine’s paintings are luminous articulations of light and shadow through her use of chiaroscuro, the Italian Renaissance technique that uses strong tonal contrasts. “I was very enamored of Caravaggio when I visited Italy,” says Katherine. “I know it's almost a cliché to hear artists say they are painting the light, but it's true, that's what I feel I am trying to capture, a sense of brilliant luminosity coming out of darker places.”

Soul Portrait of a Belgian Draft Horse
30" x 40" , oil painting

Deciphering the Signs
36" x 24" , oil painting

Tibetan Singing Carnations
11" x 14" , oil painting

Incensed Rose
10" x 8" , oil painting

11" x 14" , oil painting

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