Jay Jensen
St-Lambert, Canada

Jay Jensen enjoys capturing the unique magic of a dramatic sky or the late afternoon light. He currently lives in Canada and has been influenced by the work of Johannes Vermeer, Rembrandt van Rijn, Edward Hopper and Andrew Wyeth. Jay considers himself a figurative painter, but particularly loves painting ocean views. He does a lot of glazing which make his works even more luminous in person.

Dead Pine Evening
24" x 36" , oil painting

The Sky Over Grand Manan
16" x 20" , oil painting

Skeletal Remains
18" x 24" , oil painting

Sunset Amongst the Dead Pines
24" x 36" , oil painting

Deadwood Morning
36" x 24" , oil painting

Campobello Rocks
14" x 18" , oil painting

The Lighthouse on Campobello
16" x 20" , oil painting

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Sun Bleached Pine
24" x 18" , oil painting

Lone Pine at Quoddy Head
20" x 30" , oil painting

View of the Marsh
30" x 24" , oil painting

If Wyeth Lived in Lubec
36" x 24" , oil painting

Wyeth's Backyard
16" x 20" , oil painting

Dog Happy
30" x 36" , oil painting

Sun Shower
36" x 24" , oil painting

Lubec Summer Bouquet
36" x 24" , oil painting

Stormy Morning on Ocracoke
24" x 30" , oil painting

Foggy Day at Quoddy Head
24" x 36" , oil painting

Speak with Jay

Jay Jensen 6/23/2015 | 11:50 AM

I was in the process of moving and was without any internet when I received your message so I wrote back to your email address. Now that my internet service has been re-established, I'm adding my message to the gallery blog space. Thank you for your message. I'm very thrilled that you are enjoying my painting. It's such an honor that you thought enough about my work to actually purchase a piece. I'll tell you a story about the genesis of the painting. My girlfriend and I went on a camping trip to Ocracoke Island, a barrier island off the coast of North Carolina. We brought our dog Micky along. After being cooped up in the car for a day and a half, she went nuts with joy on the endless beach. That dog taught me a lesson about the importance of living in the moment. That's the beauty of dogs. They don't brood over the past or worry about the future. I try to convince myself to do the same but with limited success. Thanks so much for the support and I hope my painting brings you many years of pleasure.

commentsDog Happy
E Russell purchased this artwork. 6/18/2015 | 5:54 PM

We love our new painting, Dog Happy. We are big dog lovers, have a big pack of rescued dogs that are part of our family, and this painting will hang proudly in our house at the ocean. Thank you, we love it!