Jamie Roth
Kihei, Hawaii

Jamie Roth went from ski bum in Utah to beach bum Maui in 1985 and hasn’t looked back since. Choosing to paint on location rather than from photos, he enjoys exploring Maui’s coastline and mountain ranges. His intention is not to paint a scene, but to paint a special moment. He wants the viewer to feel the place and feel the time of day when they look at his art. When he’s not painting, Jamie works as a nurse and spends time with his three kids. And of course he makes time for surfing!

North Shore Sunset
24" x 30" , oil painting

Makena Soul
12" x 12" , oil painting

Park City Summer
24" x 36" , oil painting

Monterey Morning
12" x 16" , oil painting

Sunday Drive
14" x 18" , oil painting

Morning in Paradise
14" x 18" , oil painting

Secret Beach Sparkle
12" x 16" , oil painting

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