Heather Patterson
Hemphill, Texas

When asked how she became an artist, sculptor Heather Patterson replied, “I just seem to be built that way.” Heather is passionate about creating, and is constantly inspired by her daily surroundings and experiences. The artist’s body of work is governed by her mission to reassign meaning to materials that have outlived their perceived purpose. She works with reclaimed wood and window panes to produce geometric wall sculptures that may remind the viewer of abstract modernist paintings. Modernism conjures an underlying tension in Heather-–a “vibration,” she calls it. Each sculpture is created without a premeditated plan or sketch, but is instead governed by feeling and intuition.
Discover Original Art by Heather Patterson | Bridge of Reason sculpture | Art for Sale Online at UGallery

Bridge of Reason
35" x 26" , sculpture

Discover Original Art by Heather Patterson | The Thread sculpture | Art for Sale Online at UGallery

The Thread
35" x 27" , sculpture

Discover Original Art by Heather Patterson | Go Again sculpture | Art for Sale Online at UGallery

Go Again
30" x 26" , sculpture

26" x 26" , sculpture

Chutes & Ladders
26" x 26" , sculpture

30" x 26" , sculpture

Three Choices, No Decision
27" x 34" , sculpture

26" x 26" , sculpture

Coming Around
30" x 26" , sculpture

26" x 26" , sculpture

26" x 26" , sculpture

Full Moon
26" x 26" , sculpture

False Self Seeking Compensation
31" x 25.5" , sculpture

Discover Original Art by Heather Patterson | Pacing the Hallway sculpture | Art for Sale Online at UGallery

Pacing the Hallway
26.5" x 34" , sculpture

Distracted from Satisfaction
32.5" x 17" , sculpture

Discover Original Art by Heather Patterson | What Is Seen vs. What Is Said mixed media artwork | Art for Sale Online at UGallery

What Is Seen vs. What Is Said
23.5" x 23.5" , mixed media artwork

Still as a Ghost Near an Open Flame
23" x 21" , sculpture

After All is Said & Done
29" x 17" , mixed media artwork

Nearest Place Not Here
29" x 17" , mixed media artwork

Morning Call to Prayer, Delhi, India
27.5" x 22" , mixed media artwork

Discover Original Art by Heather Patterson | Gerda mixed media artwork | Art for Sale Online at UGallery

24.5" x 18.5" , mixed media artwork

The Fortress of the Killdeer
21" x 28" , mixed media artwork

Rotating Space
21" x 28" , mixed media artwork

Between the Lines
21" x 11" , mixed media artwork

Light Untouched
26" x 35" , sculpture

25" x 25" , mixed media artwork

Split Vision
26" x 14.5" , sculpture

23.5" x 16" , sculpture

Stemming the Tide
33.5" x 21" , sculpture

Linear Momentum
21" x 28" , sculpture

Defunct Maze, Release the Hounds
27.5" x 26.5" , sculpture

Everything Belongs
15" x 12.5" , sculpture

Supply & Demand
23.5" x 27.5" , sculpture

17" x 10" , sculpture

The Balance of Things
13.5" x 11" , sculpture

23.5" x 19.5" , sculpture

Shuttered Selves
18" x 14" , sculpture

Training Wheels
15.5" x 15.5" , mixed media artwork

Under the Bridge
35.5" x 18.5" , sculpture

Moon in Rearview Mirror
27.5" x 19.5" , sculpture

17" x 11.2" , sculpture

Found Power Disconnected
22.7" x 18.2" , sculpture

25.7" x 24.2" , sculpture

Zipper Scar
27" x 22.5" , sculpture

Inquire or Comment about Heather's Work

Heather Patterson 5/30/2014 | 11:30 AM

Shirley you have certainly made letting them got easier, knowing they are enjoyed with such graciousness. You are very kind & your generous words give me great confidence!

S Day 5/21/2014 | 8:32 PM

Heather, I look at Supply & Demand and Everything Belongs throughout the day, every day and I still find great joy in them. These are high quality workmanship, creative, clever, beautiful and captivating. You have brought great happiness into my days with your art. Thank you again for letting these come live with me. I don't know how you let them go but you do, you did and I am very grateful. Hugs, s

Heather Patterson 12/30/2013 | 2:46 PM

you bless me, Shirley, thank you!

S Day 12/26/2013 | 5:04 PM

Heather, I am speechless. "Supply & Demand" is far more fantastic in person. The photo image is good but the texture and colors are so profound in person. My gosh! And the sea glass. I am just thrilled. I also remain in love with "Everything Belongs." I look at it so often and it just continues to make me happy.I just drown in the sheer joy. Thank you so much. Thank you for sharing your talent. Thank you for trusting me to take good care of these expressions. You are an amazing woman.

Heather Patterson 12/16/2013 | 7:09 AM

Shirley! I am so excited Supply & Demand will be going home to you, thank you very much!

Heather Patterson 12/11/2013 | 6:39 AM

Makes a lot of sense- my favorites would be Supply & Demand and Between the Lines. And yes red & blue are difficult to find, but the holy grail out here on the east coast is purple!

S Day 12/10/2013 | 1:07 PM

Interesting. And if you had to choose just one. Which is your favorite? I spent time walking on Washington state beaches and bays and the collections of sea sanded wood, sea glass, shells and odds and ends left behind by others is a wonderful memory for me. These works of art take me there - to a peaceful and promising place. Make sense? It became so difficult to find blue or red sea glass on those beaches. Why did they go to plastics? Drat!

Heather Patterson 12/10/2013 | 12:44 PM

I see you made a decision, thank you so much. The black pebbled pieces are actually burned wood. I make an open campfire in Maine & burn long pieces of wood before cutting them into blocks. They are sealed & treated to maintain their texture & make sure admirers don't end up with sooty fingers! After Thoughts Delayed came after one of those times when you know what you're about to do is wrong, but you set aside the consequences & go ahead anyway. A situation of choosing comfort over character building.

S Day 12/7/2013 | 5:11 PM

Fascinating. Not surprised there are deep and meaningful stories behind each one. These exude feelings. After Thoughts Delayed? I like that one too. The black pebbled block recurs - what is the origin of that piece of wood? I think I am stuck on Everything Belongs.

S Day 12/7/2013 | 4:55 PM

Fascinating. Not surprised there are deep and meaningful stories behind each one. These exude feelings. After Thoughts Delayed?

Heather Patterson 12/6/2013 | 8:40 PM

Three very different choices indeed....I'll give you their stories in the order they were created. Red Light Fall from Grace came first, made in response to that moment of realization when we know we've veered off our path, stop, stand still & wonder how we've gotten so far away from what's important. The Balance of Things is the action of that realization, weighing options, what was & what could be. Everything Belongs is an exhale of acceptance into the knowledge that there can be no pretty without ugly, no joy without grief. All of my pieces are really a language, a way for me to say what is unsayable.

S Day 12/6/2013 | 2:22 PM

I don't know how you ever let these incredible creations go. I have narrowed it down to Balance of Things, Red Light Falls from Grace and Everything Belongs. And there is not one of these 12 that I would not like. They are all truly fascinating and I think deep treasures.

Heather Patterson 12/6/2013 | 1:22 PM

you're very kind, thank you! Were there any pieces in particular you were interested in that I could tell you more about? And by the way, I am often torn between hanging a piece in my home or putting it out into the world!

S Day 12/4/2013 | 4:46 PM

I am so captivated. I can't narrow down a choice yet. So unique. The materials. Artistic flair. The texture and designs you are able to create are really extraordinary.

S Morris 2/21/2013 | 1:23 AM

Heard you Tuesday loud and clear. Hope I find my bucket of scrap wood. Beautiful message I needed to hear. Saved me for another day. Wish you weren't so far away...

Heather Patterson 7/5/2012 | 10:25 PM

thank you so much!!

zzzjoy 7/5/2012 | 12:00 PM

some really good stuff here!