Gabriela Fernandez
Algeciras, Spain

Venezuelan born painter Gabriela Fernandez uses psychedelic colors to create fantastical landscape scenes. She applies mixed media in layers to produce rippling, swirling forms on each canvas. The mountains and valleys seen in Gabriela’s compositions are inspired by her travels and childhood in Venezuela. “Often it is the memory of an environment that forms the initial idea behind the work,” says Gabriela. Building from her memories, Gabriela also relies heavily on her imagination to complete a landscape. The artist currently resides in Spain where she enjoys being near the beach.
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35" x 63" , acrylic painting

Magic River II
39" x 47" , acrylic painting

Magic River I
39" x 71" , acrylic painting

Cold River
23.62" x 59.05" , acrylic painting

River of Lava
39" x 47" , acrylic painting

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