Fran McNamara
Sedona, Arizona

After receiving her BFA and making art in New York City for many years, Fran moved to Arizona in search of vast open spaces. She finds inspiration in the natural landscape, and her studio overlooks the vibrant red rocks that surround her garden. “I draw from life in the outdoors, then I bring those sketches and ideas, including leaf and wood samples, back to my studio,” says Fran. Her abstract paintings explore the relationships between the environment, animals, and humans. Fran is particularly passionate about saving honey bees, and can be found caring for her extensive flower garden when she’s not painting.

Gods & Serpents
30" x 30" , acrylic painting

The Source
40" x 30" , acrylic painting

Nesting Ground
30" x 18" , acrylic painting

Garden Study
24" x 20" , acrylic painting

Night Canopy
32" x 36" , acrylic painting

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