Don Farrall
Lincoln, Nebraska

Don Farrall creates his unique images by photographing sculptural props against custom-made backgrounds. Although he does some digital post-production editing, these images are not computer generated–they are grounded in reality. Don has made a career out of commercial photography, which led him to develop his personal practice. He considers his art to be a “hybrid” photography medium. Each image asks the viewer to question if what they are seeing is real or pure fantasy. Don lives and works in Lincoln, Nebraska, where he has been married to his high school sweetheart for 38 years.

Retro Rocket Car
18" x 36" , digital printmaking

Piercing the Darkness
36" x 27" , digital printmaking

Retro Spaceship
30" x 15" , digital printmaking

Retro Space Race
21.3" x 16" , digital printmaking

Retro Ride
27" x 36" , digital printmaking

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