Dimitris Angelopoulos
Glyfada, Greece

Dimitris Angelopoulos, a young artist based in Greece, paints emotional, complex, and thought provoking portraits. Beneath the simple style and limited color palette, the paintings carry profound messages and ask deep questions. With a touch of young angst, he ponders the complexities of the passage of time through his impactful and emotionally-fraught portraits. His color palette has a power in its expression despite a restriction in its range. Though his work is distinctly modern, he draws from classical tradition, such as the introspective quality of Rembrandt’s portraiture. His depictions portray his subjects with an intricate sense of interiority and a longingness to connect with the viewer.

The Time...Change
39.37" x 47.24" , oil painting

The Purity
47.24" x 39.37" , oil painting

El Dim Self Portrait
31.49" x 23.62" , oil painting

Weary Mother
15.74" x 11.81" , oil painting

15.74" x 11.81" , oil painting

27.55" x 19.68" , oil painting

Internal Search
35.43" x 27.55" , oil painting

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