Diane Hoeptner
Austinburg, Ohio

Diane’s subjects of choice are felines and florals. She finds comfort in both, for different reasons. “Flowers have an ethereal beauty that both reassure and revitalize one's spirit,” she says. “I see ethereal beauty in cats too, but cats also bring personality and movement.” Employing a realist style, Diane connects her viewers with the sweet innocence of each subject. The source material for Diane’s cat paintings is photographed at animal shelters. She hopes to bring attention to all of the wonderful animals available for adoption in local shelters, while simultaneously portraying each cat with the dignity and regality it deserves.

Ragdoll with Daisies
12" x 12" , oil painting

Baby Blue
8" x 8" , oil painting

8" x 6" , oil painting

Sky Cat
8" x 8" , oil painting

Flying Cat
10" x 10" , oil painting

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