David Terry
Jacksonville, Oregon

Grounded in traditional realism, David Terry’s oil paintings capture figures and landscapes with remarkable clarity. The muted color palettes and fine brushwork that David employs express the essence of each scene–the mood, the weather, the characters. He is excited about creating paintings that will be future heirlooms, passed down through generations by their owners. “I am passionate about using only materials that will last,” says David. “I expect my paintings to be around 500 years from now. I stay in contact with materials experts and curators to make certain that my methods and materials are the best they can be.”

A Language in Itself
20.25" x 26.25" , oil painting

Fishing Boats Resting in Port of Siuslaw
20" x 25" , oil painting

Salmon Harbor Reflections, Winchester Bay
20.5" x 24.5" , oil painting

The One of Liza
44" x 32" , oil painting

Speak with David

David Terry 12/4/2017 | 12:44 PM

Thank you, Karen! My contacts with Austin and UT go way back. Most of them are now either lawyers or musicians. And a goodly number of my paintings now live in Austin. I'm pleased my painting touched you, that's one of the main reasons I paint. Thank you for your interest! If you'd like to know more about me and my work, feel free to visit my web site, www.davidwilliamterry.com.

K Julian 12/3/2017 | 11:24 PM

Hello from Texas. I have recently built a new home and have had a wonderful time filling it with original oil paintings. I could not have predicted that almost all of them would have come from one artist. Still I find myself looking at other artists work on U Gallery weekly. I wanted to tell you that I think The One of Liza is exceptional. I loved looking at every inch of detail in it using the close up feature. Her hands are exquisite. After reading your profile I found it interesting that I was drawn to her hands before her face. Anyway, just wanted to let you know I appreciate your work. I have 12 foot ceilings and the few spaces I have left require larger pieces but I'm sure each week I will gaze at this piece fondly until some lucky sole purchases it. I am not a lawyer, but may say I've argued like one since I was a small child. In my humble opinion, your talent as an artist is far too vast to have been wasted on the law. You are so lucky to get to do what you really love and even better, you can do it until you are a very old man if you so choose. Not all professions allow for that. Wishing you great success on U Gallery.