Daniil Alikov
Singapore, Singapore

Daniil Alikov is interested in the relationship between machine and human. The work is clean and contemporary in its minimal style and bold geometric shapes; however, it also uses the visual language of decay. Together, the rough texture, rusted edges, and frayed bits of canvas are evocative of industrialization, cities, and factories. Mass culture and its shiny technological products often hide the reality of its own production, the waste it creates, and the distance it puts between humans and their natural environment. Daniil’s work captures this contraction, where order conceals chaos, and beauty is found in deterioration. Daniil uses found materials in his work, such as steel, wood, rubber and plastic. With a graphic, street art style the compositions he creates seem to speak a secret language. It is as if the materials we discard have come back to tell us something, reminding us that everything we create remains a part of us.
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Arterial Grafts
10" x 8.5" , mixed media artwork

Respiratory Tubes
12.2" x 7.2" , mixed media artwork

36" x 24" , mixed media artwork

IG165 (The Stack)
40" x 30" , mixed media artwork

Pink Painting
36" x 24" , mixed media artwork

The King
30" x 24" , mixed media artwork

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