Carol Jenkins
Berkeley, California

California-based oil painter Carol Jenkins’s artwork is the expression of a life-long love of the wilderness. She creates abstract paintings using subdued, earthy tones. She arranges her pigments to create a balance of organic forms that direct the eye through the composition. She is inspired by her hikes around Mount Shasta, where she stays attuned to the shapes, motion, and colors of the natural world. To Carol, the spontaneity of abstract artwork makes it the best way to recreate the immediacy and beauty of a wild terrain.

Hidden Landing
24" x 36" , oil painting

Summer Rain
30" x 30" , oil painting

Mountain Prayer Flags
24" x 24" , oil painting

High Meadow 2
40" x 40" , oil painting

Garnets & Jade
30" x 40" , oil painting

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