Camilla Marie Dahl
Cornwall Bridge, Connecticut

Camilla Marie Dahl’s understanding of the female form is impeccable. “My primary source material is the human body. I reference photos and sketches of friends, as well as my imagination,” she says. She applies her knowledge to both painting and sculpture, working in multiple media to address the complicated significance of a woman’s body to her sense of self. Camilla uses variations in body language and subtleties in facial expressions to share the challenges young women face as they navigate social and cultural norms regarding female beauty and sexuality. She explains simply, “I aim to capture the unique and complex relationships individuals have with their own bodies.”
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30" x 30" , oil painting

4" x 3" , sculpture

5" x 7.5" , sculpture

Kylie with Dieffenbachia
48" x 24" , oil painting

18" x 12" , oil painting

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