Brian Zheng
Walnut, California

As a student, Brian Zheng studied industrial design and found that many of his renderings had a painterly quality. It encouraged him to pursue drawing and painting. He began working with live models and exploring the human figure. Brian is inspired by 20th Century Expressionism; his brushwork is bold and thick, and he gravitates toward strong colors. “I don’t like to paint on white canvas,” says Brian. Instead, he primes his canvases with red, green or black so that each artwork has a daring start. When he’s not painting, Brian runs a business designing children’s toys. He currently holds over 200 U.S. patents on his products.

48" x 36" , oil painting

Figure of the Beauty
48" x 36" , oil painting

48" x 36" , oil painting

Princess Merida
48" x 36" , oil painting

Red Skirt
48" x 36" , oil painting

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