Betsy Podlach
Hampton Bays, New York

As a student, Betsy received a scholarship to study visual art at Harvard, a feat she describes as key to her progression as an artist. Betsy’s portraits exude emotion through the expressive eyes of her figures. Looking down, just past the viewer, or at a partner, each gaze offers an understanding of the subject’s psychological state. Primarily painting from life, Betsy focuses on the intersection of the physical, emotional, and intellectual characteristics both of her subjects and within herself. “I love stories and novels, poetry and plays–I hope my work comes alive, tells a story, and does so in a way that stops time, in a permanent image.”

25" x 25" , oil painting

Woman in Flowered Hat
28" x 28" , oil painting

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The Bohemian
25" x 25" , oil painting

After the Ball
38" x 38" , oil painting

26" x 26" , oil painting

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