Andres Lopez
Miami, Florida

Andres Lopez was born in the old Cuban town of Santa Clara. As a child, he developed a deep love for the beauty of the countryside and the exquisite architecture of his hometown. He participated in drawing contests at the tender age of nine where landscapes were always his favorite theme. In his early twenties, Andres made his way to Florida, bringing only his worn-out brushes and a great dream. Immediately captivated by the beauty of the Everglades, his works display the close relationship between humanity and the natural world around us.

Into the Blue
16" x 20" , oil painting

24" x 24" , oil painting

Reflections on the afternoon
24" x 48" , oil painting

The Unknown Image of the City
30" x 30" , oil painting

The Island
32" x 52" , oil painting

Sun and Nets
18" x 24" , oil painting

First Morning Lights
18" x 24" , oil painting

Golden Reflections
10" x 20" , oil painting

Path in the Forest
11" x 16" , oil painting

Freedom to Fly
12" x 24" , oil painting

Oasis of the Birds
15" x 30" , oil painting

Facing the Sun
30" x 30" , oil painting

A Morning in the Caribbean
30" x 40" , oil painting

Red on Barlovento
40" x 40" , oil painting

Gold Reflections
30" x 30" , oil painting

Sailing at Sunset
16" x 20" , oil painting

Child Looking Southeast
24" x 18" , oil painting

The Life after the Death
18" x 24" , oil painting

Good Memories
12" x 16" , oil painting

Speak with Andres

Andres Lopez 8/7/2018 | 9:29 AM

Dear Powell, what a joy it is that someone sees in my art the message that it describes and that can excite him as much as I do, thanks for your words. Regarding the title: Barlovento is a maritime term that refers to the direction where the wind is heading. This boat sails in the sea with the wind in barlovento and although it is almost a reflection, with its power represented with the red color it gives us the feeling of stability and security. About the delivery, I must be receiving the shipping box by fedex today or tomorrow as soon as I receive it, I send the box. it must arrive soon. thanks again. Andres Lopez

commentsRed on Barlovento
S Powell 8/7/2018 | 12:32 AM

Dear Mr. Lopez, I was so very happy to find this painting on the UGallery website and to purchase it tonight. You are a very talented painter, and your painting will brighten my day every time I see it. I have two questions for you: (1) Can you tell me the significance of the painting's title, Red on Barlovento, and what the location/setting was? and (2) Do you know approximately how soon I can expect delivery? For your information, the delivery address is the house of a neighbor - I gave his address because I may not be in town when it arrives. If there is any chance of having it delivered this weekend, I would greatly appreciate it, though I do not know whether it would be possible. With sincere thanks and best regards, Steven

Andres Lopez 9/3/2016 | 1:23 PM

Hi friends, please see my new art works and please feel free to tell me what you like or not , blessing and many good things for all of you. Regards Andres Lopez