Alan Richards
Roslyn, New York

Alan’s quirky yet surreal digital prints are composites of images he’s photographed in different places, at different times, artfully manipulated to construct a new narrative. His creative process is multidimensional. Alan has no particular formula or method for his digital work, but whenever he sees something that piques his interest, he creates a composition in his mind or on paper. He finds that his artwork parallels his life experiences and emotions, and he actively seeks inspiration for his creativity. Professionally an audiologist and professor, Alan has always had a passion for visual arts because both of his parents were artists. “I dabbled in drawing and some watercolors for years until I found the combination of my computer skills and art took hold,” he says. “Art has become my vocation rather than an avocation.”

Man on a Pier
digital printmaking , starting at $1,015

photography , starting at $865

digital printmaking , starting at $760

The Patriot
digital printmaking , starting at $760

A Simpler Time
digital printmaking , starting at $735

Tar Beach
digital printmaking , starting at $760

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