Nancy Muren
Davis, California

Nancy Muren likes to slow down and appreciate the unique qualities in overlooked items. She feels that in our rapid lifestyle, and with all our new gadgets, “we might miss something very interesting and beautiful.” That’s what she hopes to portray in her paintings. She also finds inspiration in her four grown children. When she’s not painting, she enjoys walking, swimming, riding her bike and hunting for treasures at thrift stores and estate sales. She currently lives in California. Fun fact: on her dad’s side, her ancestors were on the first boat of settlers headed to the shores of Quebec, Canada.

Artist and Customer Comments

Nancy Muren 12/15/2016 | 2:24 PM

Thank you Very much Ms. Gibbs this was painted from a trip to Tennessee. The next day there was such a rain that all the color drained out of the leaves. I was so lucky to have this painting. The show at the Taos Gallery at the Davis Art Center went very well!

commentsTennessee Farm
K Gibbs 6/7/2016 | 5:35 PM

This is a beautiful setting. I am hoping to see your work a the Davis Art Center show later this month.

Nancy Muren 5/8/2016 | 11:21 AM

Hi S, Chamers you are correct this is a Pacific NW sky over a lavender field found in the hills above Silverton, Oregon. Many people rent this field before it is harvested to celebrate the weddings and say their vows to each other. There is also a place for a reception afterward. thank you, Nancy

commentsStroll through the Lavender
S Chamers 5/5/2016 | 10:15 PM

The sky in the picture Lavender is so real. I think it looks so much like a pacific northwest sky. Love the details on the flowers as well.

Nancy Muren 5/4/2016 | 6:28 PM

Hi K Gibbs Thank you for your comments, it is great to hear from someone who understands the use of contrast and color.

Nancy Muren 5/4/2016 | 6:25 PM

The painting "The Hike" was inspired by my child hood. When I was about 14 a friend and I hiked the some Pacific Coast Trail for 8 days with a group put together by the local science museum. The beautiful scenes has been with be ever since. The painting "Teal Travels" was inspired by a trip to Florence Italy to visit my daughter. The brightly colored walls gave me such an opportunity to paint a color I love with large uncontrolled brushstrokes to mimic the fading stucco so common in Florence.

Nancy Muren 5/4/2016 | 6:08 PM

Well thank you very much K Gibbs. California does have some very lovely country. I am always having to stop and take pictures.

Nancy Muren 5/4/2016 | 6:04 PM

Thank you Renee it is so nice of you to take time out of your day and let me know that you have looked at my work and that you are enjoying it. Nancy

R Bedgood 5/4/2016 | 1:53 PM

I love this painting of "Turnips" It is just beautiful! I think fruits and vegetables are so beautiful. I find myself taking photos at farmers markets and such. You have captured the intricacies of each individual turnip and their distinctiveness while maintaining a bright and cheerful simplicity.. Every root and the edge of the box etc. show amazing talent using this medium. My son and his wife are farmers and would enjoy and appreciate this painting as well..Very Fun! Renee Bedgood.

Nancy Muren 4/19/2016 | 4:12 PM

I recently sold an original painting to someone in Florida. Thank You!!!! The painting was called Alfa Romeo 16 x 15 Inches

Nancy Muren 4/19/2016 | 3:56 PM

Hi K Lab, Thank you for the comments I love to hear about the paintings that observers and buyers might find pleasing! I was hiking up in the mountains north of mount hood in the spring. The wild flowers and the butterflies were having a party.

Nancy Muren 4/19/2016 | 3:52 PM

Hi K Gibbs Thank you for your remarks. I love bright color also I think my eyes have a special relationship to color.

commentsThe Hike
K LaBerge 4/10/2016 | 9:02 PM

Nancy, this is a beautiful painting. May I ask where you were when you painted this scene? I like knowing where you get your inspirations for paintings and what interested you about your subject. Your "Teal Travels" is also interesting to me.

K Gibbs 4/7/2016 | 9:18 PM

Looking at this provides an automatic escape. I want to be in the foothills below the peaks.

commentsHomeward Bound
K Gibbs 4/7/2016 | 9:06 PM

I love the use of bright and muted colors.

commentsHomeward Bound
K Gibbs 4/7/2016 | 9:05 PM

I love the use of bright and muted colors.

Nancy Muren 4/4/2016 | 3:28 PM

Hi Kevin, Thank you for your question. I have sold paintings of sail boats and ships on the water like that ship in Newport Bay, Oregon. I think I will have to paint more.

commentsHomeward Bound
K LaBerge 4/3/2016 | 11:45 PM

Nancy, I noticed the boat #2 painting was an Oregon location (Newport)? Are there any other Oregon locations like this one? (I like it too)

Nancy Muren 4/3/2016 | 12:17 PM

Please feel free to add a comment or ask a question I love to here from you! in my newest painting the cows were on the way home to be milked at dusk. I was at a private school's farm in San Rafael just north of San Francisco, CA. it was such a beautiful natural sight.

Nancy Muren 8/2/2015 | 9:44 PM

It is so good to hear from you Reggie, Thanks you for your business and the complement!

reggie 8/2/2015 | 2:47 PM

bought one of your paintings about a month ago love it!!!!!

Nancy Muren 8/2/2015 | 2:13 PM

Hi MARK Thank you for your purchase of "Natural Beauty" I hope you are enjoying your new art work.

Nancy Muren 7/7/2014 | 2:09 PM

If you happen to be driving between Sacramento and San Fransisco during the month of July and the first half of August stop in to Davis CA right off of I 80 East. I am showing at The Pence Gallery one of my larger paintings named "Hill Meets Sky". It's a California landscape.

Nancy Muren 6/9/2014 | 6:33 PM

If you are in the Davis California area I am showing 2 paintings at the Pence Gallery, Davis California. One is there now and it is in the miniature painting show. There are many beautiful small paintings at great prices! These are in the upstairs gallery. In July I will have a large painting in the Show Called Slice where all Californian Artist are invited to apply and after a strenuous processes to jury all the applicants some will have a place in the down stairs gallery For this show at the Pence Gallery, Davis California.

Nancy Muren 4/28/2014 | 7:47 PM

I am very pleased to be represented by If you have any questions about me or my work please contact me on this blog.

Wildwood by the Bay

Watercolor painting on paper
Signed on front and back

17" h x 22" w 
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I was inspired to paint this as  I was walking through this forest north of San Francisco and along the bay. Wild turkeys were gobbling, I saw wood peckers and heard many song birds and the mother deer and her yearling were almost as close as the are in the painting. Flowers were blooming every color. It is hard to believe that this quiet beauty is so close to one of the larger cities in the world. 

This painting is on heavyweight paper and will need a frame for display. The image size is 15"H x 20"W. 

Watercolor painting

Watercolor paint is made of pigments suspended in a water-based solution. Watercolor, which refers to both the medium and the finished artwork, is typically applied to paper. It is translucent, and appears luminous on the surface of the paper. Watercolor painting is a very old medium, dating back to the Renaissance when it was used primarily for botanical and wildlife illustration.


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