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Napoli Shopping Avenue

Maximilian Damico
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Watercolor painting on Paper New

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11.5" h x 8.5" w |0 lbs. 2 oz.

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This is a view through the Corso or Rettfilo in Napoli, Italy, the major shopping and commercial road of the city center.  It is so colorful and busy.  I painted this piece on location, en plein air, using a wet on wet technique. The painting is on 300gm watercolor paper with one deckled edge.

Maximilian Damico

Brno, Czech Republic

Italian watercolorist Maximilian Damico paints primarily on location. He observes city sidewalks and intersections, looking for not the most famous scenes but the most interesting. With quick, lively brushstrokes, Maximilian captures the energy and mood of cities whether in the rain, gloom, or rush hour. The frenetic quality of city life doesn’t detract from the beauty of each scene. Maximilian’s gestural technique instead infuses liveliness in each artwork, a liveliness that makes being in a big city a never-ending thrill.

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