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Toward the Rear of the Pantheon

Maximilian Damico
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15" h x 11" w |0 lbs. 1 oz.

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The little square located at back of the Pantheon, Piazza della Minerva in Rome. In the middle of the piazza is a sculpture combining a small Egyptian obelisk set on the back of an elephant sculpted by Bernini. "The painting shows the typical italian life during a warm spring day," says Maximilian. Painted in the studio from sketches done on location; on heavyweight watercolor paper with deckled edges and a white border.

Maximilian Damico

Brno, Czech Republic

Artist Maximilian Damicio captures impressionist cityscapes imbued with the energy and vibrations of lively everyday scenes. He commands the brush with brisk strokes that exemplify the passage of every shifting element of his plein air studies. Essential to his technique, he finishes every composition in one go. Maximilian graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples and traveled the world to mature his ever-evolving approach. “The Key in my work is the freedom–well, the illusion of freedom–free movements and unrestricted ideas,” reveals Maximilian. He creates extemporary visions with a general projection defined by contemporary architecture concepts–a kind of landscape architect. Maximilian primarily paints on location but every so often finishes his work at his home studio. Whether in nature, remote cities, or villages around the globe, he revels in traveling and adventure. Maximilian has been highlighted as a featured artist of Artoo Arts Visibility in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. His inspiring pieces have been exhibited in different countries, from London, Belgium, and Peru to Kazakhstan and Costa Rica.

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