I painted this impressionistic piece en plein air, thinking about the works of Claude Monet at the edge of a delightful semi-urban farm near where I live in the San Francisco Bay area. As time passes, we have less and less of these farms dotting our neighborhoods, and enriching our lives in so many ways. I like to use my art to celebrate the beauty that local farmers create for us. This piece is on heavyweight paper and will need a frame for display.

- Catherine McCargar

Sunflower Farm

Watercolor painting on paper

Signed on front

16" h x 12" w 
0 lbs. 1 oz.



Catherine McCargar
Walnut Creek, California

Getting to Know Catherine

Catherine McCargar created her first work of art at five years old, a snowman drawn on blue construction paper. A group of artists invited her to try plein air painting and she fell in love. In her eyes, “the time spent composing and recording in the open air is invaluable to breathe life into a painting.” Catherine currently lives in California and loves tending her garden and being creative in the kitchen when she’s not painting. Fun fact: she occasionally writes stories for her granddaughter with accompanying ink drawings; she recently wrote a series called “Baby Owl Learns to Fly.”