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St. Mark's Basilica Series #2

Lanie Widmar
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19" h x 23" w |0 lbs. 1 oz.

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"I love to do a series of paintings of my favorite architectural subjects," says Lanie Widmar. "St. Mark's Basilica is one of those magical buildings that evokes a lot of emotion. I attempted to capture the fleeting moments of light reflecting off the facade. The painting exploits the beauty of transparent washes. I painted many layers to achieve this effect. I enjoy leaving much to the viewer's imagination."

Lanie Widmar

Altea, Spain

Lanie Widmar paints energetic watercolors of European landscapes and cityscapes. Her work hovers on the edge of abstraction and uses just enough pictorial imagery to suggest the scene. She strives to portray the essence of each location and allows the viewer to participate with his or her imagination. Lanie discovers her subject matter on her travels, where she photographs, sketches and paints en plein air.

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