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Mountain Reverie Series 5

Siyuan Ma
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Watercolor painting on Paper New

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4.7" h x 12" w |0 lbs. 3 oz.

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Artist Siyuan Ma shares an ethereal outlook of a snowy mountain range with an abstract approach. After the rain, sunlight shines on the water droplets in the air. Rainbow-like colors surface from the snowscape through refraction and reflection. "It is like a beautiful and dreamlike palette dropped by God," says Siyuan.

Siyuan Ma

Arcadia, California

Artist Siyuan Ma creates tranquil impressionist watercolors of cultural architecture and landscapes. His integration of stains and marks left by flowing water-based pigments recall the gentle and light feeling of Chinese freehand ink painting. “Beautiful scenery is not necessarily far away. It is often around you, waiting to be discovered,” says Siyuan. Bright hues freely dance with gentle nuances, expressing a sense of stillness and peace. He carefully explores light and color and applies various contemporary painting techniques as he continuously expands the edge of painting media—turning a plain surface into a poetic space full of emotion. He creates art that is not only limited to visual aspects but also deeply meaningful. Born in Tianjin, China, Siyuan finished a bachelor’s degree from the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2011. Now living in Los Angeles, Siyuan converted his living room into his home studio, which he keeps clean and tidy. His creative process is deeply rooted in where he lives and draws inspiration from my surroundings. As he continues to pursue his creative passion, Siyuan takes on part-time jobs, which allows him to earn a living while still pursuing his artistic dreams.

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