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Mountain Farm 1

Joe Giuffrida
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Watercolor painting on 100%cotton rag,140 lb paper New

Ready to frame


Signed on front and back


15" h x 22" w x .2" d |0 lbs. 3 oz.

In stock $950



Artist Joe Giuffrida displays an impressionist view of a modern country lakehouse. He aims to capture the quiet and serenity he experienced while standing near this pond off the side of the seasonal road. The white architectural structures stand out in the well-lit scene against the lush shades of the foliage. Joe highlights the stillness in the water and hints of pure color to recreate the peaceful atmosphere of the Northern Catskill Mountains.

Joe Giuffrida

High Point, North Carolina

Artist Joe Giuffrida paints impressionist landscapes frequently balanced with architectural arrangements. His artistic vision diverges from traditional styles depending on the subject at hand. "My creative energy is best developed through being on-site, observing a location, and getting the feel of the environment," says Joe. An expression of what is felt but not necessarily seen flourishes in his work, pushing the limits of color and value beyond what is there. Joe sought mentorship through workshops and college classes, then supplemented his learning by reading books on art techniques. He developed a firm belief in his craft being good through the perception of feeling rather than visuals. Emotional connections hold a crucial part of his creative process, challenging himself to be able to convey his responses while leaving room for the viewer's interpretation. He works in two studios, one for subtle watercolor painting and the other for bold and heavy acrylics and oils - systemized by organized clutter. His work has been featured in American and European publications and displayed in England, Germany, France, and the United States. Outside of painting, he channels his prowess as a musician, spending considerable time learning new guitar music. American culture, history, and biography also occupy his evenings when he has time to spare.

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