“Giddy up, McCoy!” hollered Steely Joe into the vast, liquid desert. Perfect companions on an unnamed adventure, embark from nowhere at all to somewhere else, with nothing but each other and Joe’s ten-gallon hat to ward off too much ultra-violet glare. They will have to survive on krill, little bits of wayward seaweed and saltwater. So long as Joe has his trusty steed, and McCoy has Joe’s killer sense of direction, they know they’ll get to wherever it is they’re going whenever they arrive.

- Diane Flick

Into the Wild Blue Yonder

Watercolor painting on paper

Ready to frame

Signed on front

8.5" h x 10.5" w 
0 lbs. 1 oz.



Diane Flick
Menlo Park, California

Getting to Know Diane

As a kid, Diane Flick often empathized with inanimate objects; she worried a Kleenex box on her headboard felt unloved because she never held it as she did her stuffed animals. Consequently, she would sometimes add it to her plush family for snuggling. Looking through the lenses of playfulness, emotional warmth, and scenes from a dramatic childlike imagination, the ‘bots series seeks to explore the sentience of non-sentient beings.