"Heading Home" is an original still life watercolor painted in the realist tradition.  I rummaged through a container of my son's old toys and discovered a red metal truck and the creative juices began to flow.  I placed different objects within the truck bed.  An egg in the bed became the first painting with the thought being a proud farmer returning back home from a good day's work on the farm with a exceptional egg.  You should see the hen!

- Dwight Smith

Heading Home

Watercolor painting on paper

Ready to frame

Signed on front

7" h x 10" w 
0 lbs. 2 oz.



Dwight Smith
Bradenton, Florida

Getting to Know Dwight

Dwight Smith depicts commonplace objects with a sense of playfulness and humor. His watercolor still life paintings appear conventional in their soft colors and composed compositions, but upon further observation the juxtaposition of unrelated items make for delightfully surprising combinations and comparisons. This transformation of the everyday, and strong graphic style, lend the work a pop feel. However, pop art is generally cool and ironic. Instead, there is a familiar and comforting sense of kitsch and Americana in Dwight’s subjects. In a similar fashion to the work of American artist Wayne Thiebaud, Dwight paints food and sweets of the American appetite. Doughnuts, hotdogs, and lollipops are captured in all of their potent delight. He plays with scale and composition to bring out a sense of the absurd, but ultimately his goal is to make the viewer smile.