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Drunk People on the Village Street

Javier Ortas
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Watercolor painting on Paper New

Ready to frame


Signed on front and back


55.11" h x 39.37" w |1 lbs. 12 oz.

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Three friends stagger home after a night of drinking out on the town. Javier used overlapping diagonal lines and the light from the street lamp to give the piece a slight disorienting quality. Part of his long running series of people enjoying everyday activities, painted from his imagination without any visual references. He starts with a single sketch to determine the composition and then begins drawing, with most of the colors already mapped out in his head. "It is an important moment," Javier explains, "getting the colors right is crucial to achieve balance."

Measurements are for the full size paper 55.11" x 39.37", and the approximate painted area is 47.2" x 31.4". Under the painted area in the right corner in pencil is the title of the work in Spanish, "Borrachos en la calle del pueblo," the signature and the year in two digits (12). It is also signed on the back.

Javier Ortas

Madrid, Spain

Artist Javier Ortas presents a playful and romantic view of the world in his signature geometric style. Javier paints entirely from his imagination, creating whimsical scenes from daydreams and encounters on world travels. As a child growing up in Madrid, he took private lessons, learning to draw and work with oil paint, acrylics and watercolor. Later, living in California, Javier pushed himself to perfect his technique drawing with pen, ink and colored pencils, producing thousands of drawings. Today, he resides in Madrid where he grew up and feels the most inspiration. "When painting I use my imagination," he says. "I do my best to include what's personally on my mind to motivate my creative process." Javier likes to escape the noise of the busy city and spend time in nature. His artwork has been exhibited at galleries around the world, including in Spain, France, Holland and Italy.

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