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Colorful Fishing Boats

Michele Clamp
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11" h x 14" w |0 lbs. 4 oz.

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"Boats are popular with both artists and collectors alike," states artist Michele Clamp. "The many-colored shapes weave together resulting in a vivid and lively arrangement. Although the result is a realistic depiction, the process is still very loose. The many details are put in a calligraphic, simplified style that seems teeming with intricacies but only at first glance." Michele paints fishing boats moored on the shore. Defined shadows appear beneath the boats' hulls and cabins, signifying the heat of mid-day.

Michele Clamp

Marlborough, Massachusetts

Artist Michele Clamp creates watercolor paintings mainly of New England scenes and places she has a personal connection to. "Using traditional brushes and pigments, I enjoy how the simplicity of tools allows me to grapple with the challenges of watercolor," says Michele. "The deceptive simplicity of this medium has a huge attraction for me." As a scientist, Michele worked in many interesting areas including the Human Genome Project. And in 2017, she decided to paint full-time as well as teach art lessons and conduct workshops. Michele states that an idea can take months or years to filter through her brain before sitting down to paint on her easel. In her studio, she enjoys working in peace and quiet with her blinds open to the sun and the trees outside. "As I mostly use watercolor, cleanliness is not so much of a problem," says Michele. "And my husband keeps me on my toes by periodically asking 'Why is there paint on the ceiling?'"

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