This scene could probably be of many places along the United States coastline, but I was inspired to paint it while visiting the Mendocino coast in Northern California this summer. I love seeing the coast and the flowers that grow so effortlessly along the roadsides there. This painting is paying homage to that breath of loveliness so abundant up there in Mendocino. Coastal cottages also have a charisma that is so very beckoning to paint.

- Catherine McCargar

Coastal Cottages

Watercolor painting on paper

Ready to frame

Signed on front

12" h x 16" w 
0 lbs. 1 oz.



Catherine McCargar
Walnut Creek, California

Getting to Know Catherine

Although originally from the East Coast, Catherine McCargar has been a Californian for many years. Her representative impressionism reflects the California landscape and her world travels. Throughout her portfolio, she creatively plays with her color palette, giving each work her distinct style. She paints regularly in her home studio, and has been a selected member of the San Francisco-based Jade Fon Painters group for over a decade. Through this, she has gained experience painting outside on location in all sorts of weather together with a group of accomplished artists. The experiences, observations, and critiques of that plein air group strongly influence her work today.