I love to paint the impossible because it manifests it into the present, real world of physical limitations.  If our physical bodies have boundaries, at least our imaginations do not. So, this image depicts, on this quiet Thursday afternoon, a choice leisure activity in which I would love to engage. I won’t be able to choose a side, however, until someone scores. And it’s quite a slow game.

- Diane Flick

A Nice Quiet Game

Watercolor painting on paper

Ready to frame

Signed on front

18" h x 24" w 
0 lbs. 2 oz.



Diane Flick
Menlo Park, California

Getting to Know Diane

As a kid, Diane Flick often empathized with inanimate objects; she worried a Kleenex box on her headboard felt unloved because she never held it as she did her stuffed animals. Consequently, she would sometimes add it to her plush family for snuggling. Looking through the lenses of playfulness, emotional warmth, and scenes from a dramatic childlike imagination, the ‘bots series seeks to explore the sentience of non-sentient beings.