This welded sculpture was cut and formed by hand. Practicing balancing poses in yoga, such as Tree Pose, will help you gain both physical and mental steadiness and poise. This piece is spray painted and is welded to a solid piece of cut steel.

- Orlando Dominguez

Vrikshasana (Tree Pose)

Metal, acrylic spray paint

Signed on back

19" h x 7.5" w x 11.5" d
4 lbs. 5 oz.



Orlando Dominguez
Brooklyn, New York

Getting to Know Orlando

Metal is Orlando Dominguez’s medium of choice. This pliable material bends and shapes itself under pressure, but once it is set in its shape the metal becomes extremely durable. Like his metallic yoga sculptures, Orlando responds to the world with physical strength and emotional flexibility. In the eternal dance of life, Orlando’s art and philosophy is one that stretches a little beyond the ordinary to create formidable and memorable forms.