This piece is made of dark sanded stone. It started as the representation of the psychology of introverted people.  It turned into a comment on how difficult it is to understand someone without knowing their culture, background, and internal thoughts.

- Ivan Markovic

Small Shadow

on Sanded stone



7.7" h x 2.9" w x 2.9" d
16 lbs. 8 oz.



Ivan Markovic
Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro

Getting to Know Ivan

Ivan initially learned to sculpt from his father at a very young age, and continued to act as a sculptor’s apprentice as a teenager. His smooth, minimalist sculptures are inspired by contemplative ideas surrounding love, human nature, and the body. Each piece is developed over an extensive period of time. The concepts begin internally for Ivan, requiring deep thought and consideration. He then works on paper until he feels enough confidence in the forms to begin carving. Ivan chooses materials that require a high degree of artisan skill, such as wood and stone, where each subtraction requires focus and cannot be undone. He strongly believes the material is an integral part of each artwork and the process of creating. Ivan’s finished forms reflect elements of both nature and the human form, demonstrating the inextricable relationship between the two.