I was inspired by my mother when creating this piece. She was very special—smart and strong. 

I used clay to sculpt this piece and fired it three times in order to reach my desired effects. 

- Pedro Mongrut

MOTHER 3 (1-2015D)

Signed on back

19" h x 12" w x 8" d
14 lbs. 2 oz.



Pedro Mongrut
Lake Forest, California

Getting to Know Pedro

Pedro’s anthropomorphic ceramic sculptures are influenced by Pre-Columbian art from South America. He uses many different tools to create his figures, then finishes each piece with glazes and stains. Pedro’s work is never premeditated or planned–it is not until he is in front of the clay that inspiration takes hold. He feels deeply connected to his work and his passion for creating. Of his artwork, Pedro simply states “It is powerful. It is passionate. It is modern. It has soul.”