Lady Bee is Miss Sunshine's one and only. She has a dark and mysteries personality which contrasts with her warmhearted lover. Lady Bee is one of the leading characters in my garden fairy land.  This piece is made of of stoneware clay, fired to cone 1.  I used a press mold and then sculpted details by hand. It is hand-painted with acrylic paint.

- Alison Ye

Lady Bee


Ready to hang

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6" h x 5" w x 4.5" d
1 lbs. 3 oz.



Alison Ye
Richmond, California

Getting to Know Alison

Alison’s ceramic wall sculptures exist within a detailed fantasy narrative devised by the artist. Each creature belongs to a world of fairies who live in “Ally’s garden.” The characters have distinct personalities, complex relationships, and specific qualities that make each fairy unique. “My art is about love and relationships,” says Alison. “I imagined a fairy land that is all about love, and each character I have created is inspired by real people.” Alison’s fantasy world comes to life in the sculpture studio space that she founded with her husband in the San Francisco Bay Area.